Virus update


Due to our classroom facilities being ordered closed by stay-at-home directions, all in-person classes have been cancelled during this time of the adjustment we all are experiencing.

In these circumstances of federal and state mandates of social distancing and bans of group meetings, we are now offering courses in an online learning format.

How does this online training work?

Simply select a "Virtual" class below and sign up as you normally would.

Prior to class, you will be emailed a link to participate in class.

The course content will be exactly the same as normal, but without the in-person hands-on elements. But you will be interacting with your instructor in a live format.

Certificates of training will be emailed to students.

Practices of the classes:

  • For best safety practices, at NO TIME may students handle their own firearms in their area during class. NO GUN HANDLING is allowed.  
  • Student must be equipped with a camera and microphone on their device.  Audio and visual 2-way communication must be maintained at all times in the class.
  • Breaks will be given and students should refrain from stepping away from the class except for emergency.  If student must step away, a private message should be sent to the instructor regarding the situation.
  • NO REFUNDS can be provided for technical difficulties. Please plan accordingly.
  • Only paid enrolled students can attend the online training.