What Is Your Plan?

Having a detailed plan against threats is essential 

in our responsibility for those in our care.

The purpose of this curriculum is to educate and equip organizations and individuals to develop an effective Emergency Operations Plan.  This plan is fitted to your own needs, context, size, and building.

In response to today's threats of violence, instead of wondering "What can be done to stop this?", you will be equipped to say "THIS is what needs to be done to stop these events!"

This class is a 4-hour single session. 

It begins with careful data analysis of tragic mass shootings from the past twenty years.  It teaches the real motivations, profiles the killers, their methods, timelines of the events, and more.  

This data then helps your group to deter, prevent, respond to, and mitigate these tragedies based on facts, not theories.

Specifics in the training:

  • 4 keys areas that must be addressed in an Emergency Operations Plan
  • 7 defined steps to develop this plan
  • Evaluating the security of a building
  • Staging a safe room
  • What is needed in an emergency trauma kit
  • 6 things individuals can do to make a difference after this training
  • and more

Your organization, or individuals attending the course, will receive a USCCA certificate of training for your records.

190-page, detailed, researched, richly illustrated textbook available to add as a resource in your ongoing planning.

Get this training

This course is being offered in our Dyer, Indiana classroom.

However, for your group, church, school, neighborhood, or family, this training can be brought directly to your own location.

All that is needed is a meeting space for the attendees and our audio-visual presentation.

Classroom training for individuals, $40

with resource textbook, $60

Training at your location,

$70 per individual

or rates available for group sizes.

Contact us here to book a class at your own location.